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ElderLife Solutions is prepared to help you in many ways.

  • Privacy - We are a private care management service providing confidential, individualized care. Respect for clients and families are foremost.
  • Convenience - We come to you. We meet with you in the convenience of your home and are available 24/7 if the need arises.
  • Reduce Stress - By allowing us to assist you with life management, your stress and emotional strain can be reduced. When living out of town, or traveling, allow us to oversee care for your loved ones.
  • Save time - Your time is valuable. Allow us to make the endless phone calls, arrange care and services, etc.
  • Save Money - Save money by allowing us to advocate for eligible services, benefits and programs, as well as ensuring quality of current services. We monitor and advocate for appropriate medical, financial, and residential billings.
  • Professionals -  Marcia and her staff hold degrees in Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Social Work more than 50 years' combined experience in the medical and geriatric fields, and over 25 years in the field of Geriatric Care Management in the Columbus area. With our education and experience, we will provide you with care management that you can depend on.

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Who Benefits


We can assist with guardianships through assessments, chart reviews and by attending care conferences to make sure that services being delivered are appropriate, and billing from services and facilities is appropriate. ELS can assist with Probate issues to ensure proper care decisions are in place. We can assist with Medicaid spend down, and work with you to apply when timing is appropriate. We provide a layer of care and service to you clients and their families.


ElderLife Solutions can assist with the daily caregiving issues and decisions to make your care planning and responsibilities easier. We can assist with family mediation to ensure that all family members understand all options and are working toward the common goal of caring for the loved one. We offer on-call services when families must be away for work or respite.

Financial Planners/CPAs

ElderLife Solutions can provide in-depth cost analysis option comparisons specific to your client's diagnosis and needs. We also can assist in financial information regarding planning for future care cost.


ElderLife Solutions can assist you and your staff with patient and families that are need of extra assistance in care planning. We help families deal with changes in function and planning for future care situations. We provide education and updates to you and your staff.


ElderLife Solutions can assist you in a crisis situation to help make decisions when an unexpected hospitalization occurs. We can assist in planning for alternative living arrangements that suit your medical and financial status. We can also assist you in planning for current and future care.

Social Workers/Admission Coordinators

ElderLife Solutions can assist with difficult and complicated discharge situations. We can also assist with family mediation when families cannot come together to make difficult decisions and planning. We deal closely with families who live at a distance.

Trust Officers

ElderLife Solutions can assist you and your client in planning for care and give an expected cost analysis for care that is tailored to their specific needs. We can also assist with the follow-through of securing services as needed, as well as, executing trust expenditures with medical oversight.